Hear-Tech is a distributor for HIMSA products, we can help you to configure, install or migrate your database from older systems in to the new NOAH platform.

NOAHlink is designed to replace the current interface HI-PRO for programming advanced hearing instruments, Hear-Tech can help you with any problems with NoahLink


NOAH Software System


The Noah software system is designed by HIMSA specifically for the hearing care industry, providing hearing care professionals with a unified system for performing their client-related tasks. The heart of Noah is its “integration framework”, supported by nearly 100 hearing care companies worldwide. Within this
framework, a user can evaluate a client's hearing loss using measurement tools from one of several suppliers.
These data can then be used by fitting systems from other suppliers. Noah can also record journal notes. And all information can be automatically stored, either in the Noah common database or in a Noah-compatible office management system.

We are able to provide support for NOAH and NOAHlink.

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NOAH Support

When you see the certified support logo you can rest assured that your NOAH distributor has the necessary knowledge to support your HIMSA products.