Domestic Loop

Echo Mega Loop is a powerful and flexible loop amplifier, capable to cover an area of aproximately 80 square meters, it has 2 line level inputs and 2 microphone inputs, The tone and volume control can be independently adjusted from the audio source. Click on the images below.


Loop Systems

How a loop system works?

An electromagnetic field is created around a cable when a current flows in the cable, this electromagnetic field is capable to carry audio signal. A hearing aid and cochlear implant with telecoil capability or a special designed loop receiver contain a small coil known as a telecoil, the telecoil picks up the electromagnetic signal and the electronic circuit in your hearing device will extract and amplify the audio signal.


1- Audio source either microphone connection or an existing PA.

2-Loop amplifier drives a current in to the loop

3-induction loop comprises one or more turns of insulated wire laid around the listening area.

4- Required listening area

5 -Built in coil known as "telecoil" or "T switch"

6-Hearing instrument with a telecoil switch

Large Areas

Conference facilities, community centres, retirement homes televison rooms, lectures hall and classroom, theatres and cinemas or any area that need to be covered of more than 500 square meters.


Freedomloop PL