Infrared vs RF

Battery consumption Infrared is ~12 hours, RF ~9 hours

Broadcast in large spaces RF is the preferred option

Trasnmission range RF is up to 100 meters, infrared is 12 meters and required a line of sight

Infrared less prone to electrical or magnetic interference, infrared is prone to interference from white light or direct sunlight, some new plasma TV can interfere with the transmission, these TV emitts and infrared light.

RF can interfere with other radio electrical devices and is prone toi get interference from others electrical or magnetic sources.

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TV and Music listening

Hear-Tech has several options to help you to enjoy your favourite TV show or to listen music an a comfortable level without disturbing others. Radio Frequency (RF) and InfraRed systems are the most widely used, please talk to us for recommendations, there are situations where one of the systems perfom better than the other. Both system can be used stand alone with special amplifed headphones for the hearing impaired or can be used with your telecoil ready hearing aid.


Radio Frequency Systems (RF) click on the images to zoom them in.



RS180 RS170

   Set 840 TV       Set 840S TV       RS 180          RS170


Infrared Systems


set830s set830tv set900

   Set 830 TV       Set 830S TV     Audioport 

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Is a stereo personal sound amplifier, user can easily determine the direction of the sound source due to the integrated polarised microphones.

Useful at home, nursing homes, hospitals, over the counters and many other uses, for people with mild to moderate hearing losses.