HEAR-TECH is a company dedicated to help the hearing impaired community to improve their quality of life

My name is Hugo Lacayo and I have a moderate-to-severe sensorineural hearing loss, which means that it’s permanent. I arrived to Australia 19 years ago, and started to do some part-time work and study in a TAFE college , while studying in there I found very hard to understand my English teacher, one day I visited the doctor and told him as a comment and he referred me to the PA hospital for a hearing test, after the test the Audiologist in there explained that I have a hearing loss, how or when I did acquire that I don’t know, the audiologist referred me to the CRS because it was a huge problem for me, I was only learning the languageĀ  and they helped me to in many ways, since then I had been working in the hearing aid industry.

I have worked and consulted with fellow hearing impaired clients in a private hearing clinic for more than 18 years and because of my extensive professional background in electronics and information technology and personal experience with hearing loss, I have an extensive knowledge of providing personalised expert advice and recommendations of ALD’s, infrared and loop systems, Bluetooth devices, alarm systems, smoke detectors and telephones for the hearing impaired.

I personally know how frustrating it is when you cannot find the answers you need to get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids, and have many years experience in overcoming everyday hearing concerns with the use of great technology that is personalised and expertly fitted. Due to advances in technology and I’m happy to say that I am able to hear well in most everyday situations and I’m sure you can too!

Please ask yourself the following questions:
Do you struggle to hear in background noise?
Do you need assistance in situations where your hearing aids are not enough?
Do you need assistance with the phone at home or mobile phone?
Are you concerned about your safety due to your hearing loss?
Are you still having problems understanding what is being said on the TV?
Can you hear when somebody is knocking the door?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions and would like to improve your quality of life Hear-Tech can help you.


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