Some of the TV or stereo equipment will have audio socket to connect the tv transmitter.
If you have problems to pair your mobile phone, tablet, computer or a
Bluetooth audio enabled device or connect your tv to the transmitter talk to us we can help you.

The transmission range of a Bluetooth  device is between 10 up to 100 mts, depends of the transmission power and the application or profile.
BlueTooth devices to talk each other they need first to be “paired”, pairing is the process to tell the devices that they are going to work together.

Assistive Listening Devices for Hearing Impaired People


Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are any technology developed to enhance the abilities of a person who is hard of hearing, to better hear and understand public presentations. These systems can be used with a television set, in small gatherings, in class or meeting rooms, and in venues like churches, auditoriums and theatres.

What do they do?

ALD's amplify or enhance sound. Because these systems and devices frequently tap directly into the source of the sound by using a microphone clipped to the speaker or suspended above a stage or a wireless microphone, they help hearing a desired sound by cutting down ambient noise, amplifying sound or by eliminating the distance between the speaker and the listener. The primary job of the ALD is to make the source sound louder and/or clearer and to give volume control to the individual.

Who needs to use Assistive Listening Devices?

An estimated 3.25 million Australian adults, or 16.6% of the population, are deaf or hard of hearing. Deafness has been defined as the second biggest health issue facing Australia today. Of this percentage many individuals have some residual hearing that enables them to benefit from the use of assistive listening systems or Hearing Aids.telecoil-symbol

How do Assistive Listening Devices Work?


ALD’s consist of a transmitter and a receiver, in some cases the hearing devices of the user has a built in receiver (“T” switch or telecoil).

The induction loop system broadcasts via electromagnetic (radio) waves within an area encompassed by a big wired area (the loop). To get amplification the userl must be seated within the looped area and use their own telecoil  switch in their hearing aids or a special receiver unit .

The FM and Bluetooth system operates just like a small radio station with pre-set frequencies; these devices can be plugged directly in to the hearing device or work together with the telecoil switch of the hearing aids.

The infrared system is known as a "line of sight" system since the receiver must be in line of sight of the trasmitter because infrared waves will not go through a solid object.




BlueTooth technology uses radio wave to transmit  information over short distances without the need of wires.
A Bluetooth  profile is just a definition of a possible application and specify general rules that Bluetooth enabled devices use to communicate with other Bluetooth devices.
The most popular profiles are data transmission e.g send file to a mobile phone or a tablet and audio transmission e.g mobile phone send and receive audio to a Bluetooth headset.
This technology is now available in many hearing aids, the mobile phone or a tv Bluetooth enabled transmitter send the audio to a receiver that the user wear around his neck, or in his pocket and this receiver will transmit the received audio directly in to the hearing aid.
Hear-Tech can help you with Bluetooth enabled devices for your hearing aids.